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The Long-lasting and Odor-free All Purpose Scrubber

Say goodbye to smelly sponges with the
All Purpose Scrubber. 100% non-scratch.

Long-lasting All Purpose Scrubber - Your kitchen sponge replacement.
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How the All Purpose Scrubber
Lasts for Months without Stinking

Reinforced stitching

Reinforced Triple Stitching to Prevent Breaking

If you are like most people, you find it a hassle to replace sponges once a month.

We understand and created a triple strengthened dish scrubber so that it lasts for over a year.

The last thing you need to do in your busy schedule is to remember to replace a sponge or scrubber. So replace your sponge with a long lasting solution.

Does Not Smell Even After Months of Use

No sponge odor

How often have you used a sponge where it started reeking after a week?

That's because sour odor causing bacteria love soft and moist environments.

The All Purpose Scrubber is made of non absorbant yarn and provides instant airflow to allow for fast drying.

This prevents odor and bacteria buildup so that it feels like new every time you use it.

The All Purpose Scrubber

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Get Sparkling Dishes

Easy to Clean and Sanitize

Save Money with One Scrubber

Strong scrubbing power without the scratches. Works on all surfaces.

No bleach or chemicals required to sanitize. Just rinse in water and air dry.

One scrubber can last over a year. Compare that to the time and money spent on buying sponges.

close up of The All Purpose Scrubber
Scrubs pots and pans with ease
Cleans up tricky corners on dishes
Safe for delicate surfaces

Makes Any Job Around the Kitchen Look Easy

Great for Tricky Corners Like Party Platters

Safe for Delicate Surfaces. Pottery, China etc

Reinforced Triple Stitching for Durability

Scrubs and Shines Pots and Pans

Click to buy it from Amazon wit fast shipping

Get Your Long-lasting and
Odor-free Scrubber Today

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The All Purpose Scrubber Outlasts 7 Sponges
Before and After of kitchen sponges

Does This Look Familiar?


2-3 Weeks Later