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Sucks Up Grease for Squeaky Clean Dishes

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A dishcloth that vacuums grease and oil from dishes, tupperware, pots, pans, stovetops and more.

6 Pieces Total


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Acylic yarn is a stain attractant and "workhorse" fiber. The soft is perfect for soaking up oils and grime, but so strong that it does not break down with exposure to oils and chemicals unlike cotton and other fibers.

Your Grease Breaker also has reinforced stitching on the edges for added durability and outlasts 7 sponges.

How Does the Grease Breaker Vacuum Up Grease and Oil?

Sucks up grease

Prevent Foul Bacteria and Sour Mildew Odors

Your sponge stinks after just 1 week of use. That's because bacteria loves sponges.

It's soft, moist and full of left over food.

Your Grease Breaker dries quickly to prevent bacteria and foul odors. Just rinse under running water and then hang to dry.

odorless dish cloth

Safe for Any Surface and Makes Difficult Jobs Easy

With minimal effort and detergent, your Grease Breaker can clean away grease and oil. Easy to use on difficult to reach corners and party platters.

It works on every surface without scratching.

Use it on your dishes, stovetops, walls and even windows.

non-scratch dish cloth

Easy to Sanitize Without Using Harsh Chemicals

Keep your kitchen clean and sanitary without the use of harsh chemicals. Simply rinse under running water and hang to dry. No vinegar, bleach or other cleaners needed to sanitize.

Dishwasher safe and you can even toss it in the washing machine.

easy to sanitize dishcloth

Swati Tibrewal: Jersey City, NJ

I tried cleaning my Kitchen's Window Pane and the area just above the gas burner which had lot of grease. I never thought the Grease breaker would be so effective but was surprised to see that it really helped me cleaning the entire area easily. The best part was my hands were not even affected.

I loved the Grease Breaker the most because it felt really soft and got everything clean. It has great scrubbing power, rinses easily, never develops an odor even after sitting after use, and it really helps me wipe down the counters easier because of the scrubbing power!

Brianna James: Indianapolis, IN

Grease Breaker Dish Cloth
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Clean up Greasy, Oily Plates and More with the Grease Breaker Today

Get Squeaky Clean Dishes

Powers Through Grease on Stovetops

Suck Up Splatter Oil from Cooking

Wash Cooking Utensils with Ease

Easily Reach Tupperware Corners

Silver Threads Provide Scourer Power

Introducing Your Grease Breaker Dishcloth

Made of acrylic, one of the finest yarn to absorb away grease and oil.

Lasts longer than 7 sponges.

100% non-scratch. Safe to use on any surface.

Used for dish washing. Not for wiping or absorbing spills.

No foul bacteria odor or sour mildew smells.

Grease Breaker pack of 3
Squeaky clean dishes with the Grease Breaker
Wipe down stovetops
Easily remove splatter marks with the dishcloth
Easy to reach hard places
Wash away grease
close up of the grease breaker dishcloth