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Long-lasting Sanitary Scrubber that Tackles Your Home with Ease

2 Facts You Should Know about Your Sponge

Fact #1: The kitchen sponges and dishrags are the No. #1 filthy object in your home.
Fact #2: The soft, moist, absorbant sponge is the breeding ground for bacteria.

Solution: The Home Scrubber prevents bacteria and odor buildup and is the sanitary option for your home.

Pack of 3


Get Your Money's Worth

1 Scrubber > 7 Sponges

Save Money
Reduce Waste
Love it or Return it
Full Money Back Guarantee

* Just $4.99 each

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Home Scrubber

Ready to Take on Any Job in Your Home

Does everything a sponge will do but better.
Scrub and clean kitchen sinks
Scrub tiles and grout



Try it yourself. You have 3 Home Scrubbers to use anywhere in your home.

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No more smelly sponges

How Does the Scrubber Outlast 7 Sponges?

The Home Scrubber is stitched with our specialty nylon thread in a unique pattern to create textured waves. It does not fall apart like sponges. Your Home Scrubber will easily outlast 7 smelly sponges.

Replace all of your sponges with our Home Scrubber and reduce landfill as well.

Odor free

Prevent Foul Bacteria and Sour Mildew Odors

Your sponge stinks after just 1 week of use. That's because bacteria love sponges.

It's soft, moist and full of left over food and other gunk.

Your Home Scrubber is designed to provide plenty of airflow to quickly dry so that it prevents bacteria and foul odors. Just rinse and let dry.


Safe for Any Surface and Makes Difficult Jobs Easy

The textured nylon threads on each Home Scrubber is soft enough to use on any surface.

At the same time, the textured waves get into dirt and grime to scrub away mess.

Safe for kitchenware, countertops, wood, tile, grout, bath tubs, sinks and more.

Easy to sanitize

Easy to Sanitize Without Using Harsh Chemicals

Keep your kitchen clean and sanitary without the use of harsh chemicals. Simply rinse under running water and let dry. No vinegar, bleach or other cleaners needed to sanitize.

Dishwasher safe and you can even toss it in the washing machine.

Clean Your Home with a

Long-lasting Sanitary Scrubber

Introducing Home Scrubber

Quickly Scrub Sinks, Counters, Baths, Tiles and more



Durable. Built to Last.


Fast Drying to Prevent Odor and Bacteria