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Make Difficult Heavy-Duty Jobs Look Easy

Safe to Scour ANY Surface

Keep Expensive Pots and Pans Safe
Works on cast iron, teflon, stainless steel, copper, nonstick, glass and more. Don't ruin your items.

Lasts for Over a Year
Save money because this scourer can last for over a year. It is built to last.

Hassle-Free Cleaning
Dries immediately after each use. No odor and bacteria buildup. Dishwasher and washing machine safe. Stays fresh.


Heavy-Duty Non-Scratch Scouring Power

scrub and shine stainless steel

Scrub and Shine Stainless Steel

Most scourers are abrasive and will scratch your shiny stainless steel pots and pans. Steel scourers rust and fall apart after using just a couple of times.

Scrub and shine your kitchenware without the scratches.

Great for Cast Iron and Enameled Pots

You can use the Non-Scratch Scourer without any detergent. It is safe for cast iron and other delicate items.

The unique mesh structure of the scourer will be able to power through burnt on stains and messes without the need for harsh chemicals.

Won't Scratch Teflon and Other Softer Material

Some non-scratch scrubbers on the market still scratch, or you end up wasting your money because they simply fall apart in a couple of weeks.

Not our Non-Scratch Scourer. 100% scratch free and lasts for over a year. Our focus is on quality and durability.

Mesh Structure Prevents Odor and Bacteria

The open mesh structure provides instant airflow so that the Non-Scratch Scourer dries very quickly. This prevents odors and bacteria building up.

Just rinse and leave when done and say goodbye to moldy, rusty and filthy scourers.

Reaches and scrubs hard to reach corners and edges

Great for everyday use as well.

great for cast iron and enamel
non-scratch guaranteed
made of material that will not smell like sponges
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remove nasty stains with ease and without scratches

Scrub Away Tough Stains from ANY Surface Without Scratches

non-scratch scrourer
By Now. FREE Shipping eligible at Amazon.
By Now. FREE Shipping eligible at Amazon.

Get Your Heavy-Duty and Durable

Non-Scratch Scourer Today

Compare and Save Money

Biggest Savings

6 Pieces Total is equivalent to

$3.33 per scourer

One scourer lasts up to one year
Annual cost: $3.33

You Save: $8.67
72% savings compared to sponges & dishrags

Average Cost per Sponge: $1.00
Recommended Usage: One a Month

Annual Cost: $12

Heavy-Duty Sponges

Don't forget that throwing away more sponges creates waste, they stink, and uses up more detergent.

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By Now. FREE Shipping eligible at Amazon.

Customer Review

Love the Non-Scratch Scourer! Used it for the first time today & was amazed!! Took a label off a glass jar no prob & cleaned up a mac & cheese mess. No cheese stuck to the cloth!! Crazy cool! Thanks for such a time saver.

- April Davis: Seattle, WA

Food Does Not Stick
Super easy to rinse off eggs and melted cheese. No more picking out stuck foods with your fingers.